• Would you like valuable information revealed to you regarding your current health condition and present health status?
  • The information you gain is a valuable long-term record of any mineral/ toxicity / nutrient deficiency or excess you have.
  • Do you want answers to your symptoms that mainstream medicine cannot provide?
Yes to great health with HTMA!
  • Do you want to discover why you have the symptoms or disease in the first place?
  • Do you want to receive relief from your symptoms or disease with a targeted treatment plan?
  • Would you like to know exactly what minerals and diet you need to help remove unwanted heavy metals and increase wanted minerals?
  • Would you like to increase your healing ability to decrease your symptoms, recover from illness and prevent further issues in your future?
  • Would you prefer to identify issues BEFORE your symptoms become a long-term chronic health condition?
  • Does early detection and prevention of diseases sound good to you?

If you answered YES – you should get a HTMA and reveal exactly why you are sick and what to do about it.

Nutritional Balancing
HTMA reveals much about YOU!

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you SHOULD get a HTMA performed. By working with an expert practitioner in HTMA, like Sari Young (Naturopath and RN), you can receive an exhaustive interpretation of your HTMA. This will be coupled with a thorough assessment of your health and lifestyle history to form a comprehensive truly holistic Treatment Plan. This is all part of the Nutritional Balancing program that will enable you to act on this knowledge to give your body what it needs to heal and thrive in life.

10 Reasons to have a HTMA

  1. It is a safe, scientific, non-invasive test that is highly (97%) accurate if performed correctly.

2. Just 1cm of your hair sample shows the previous months health and biochemistry!

3. HTMA provides clinical data that is not revealed or available via blood, stool and urine tests or scans. 

4. Reveals integral information about your metabolic activity.

Be surprised with what is revealed in HTMA

5. Provides valuable data on toxic heavy metal levels

6. Provides valuable data on mineral levels at the tissue level (as opposed to in your blood) without having to take a biopsy! Blood levels are susceptible to homeostatic mechanisms and take much longer to reveal issues.

7. Provides an amazing record of your past and present mineral and toxic levels and the biological activity of your body.

8. Awesome for formulating a comprehensive Treatment Plan to rebalance your specific biochemistry and relieve unwanted symptoms.

9. Great for monitoring progress including your health and nutritional balance. Test, monitor and review, and then retest and revise the plan as you heal!

10. Identify health concerns and prevent chronic disease from manifesting.

HTMA is the starting point of getting you well again

Correctly performed Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a wonderful pathology test to identify mineral imbalances in body. After a correct analytical interpretation of the HTMA results, a thorough and comprehensive Treatment Plan within a Nutritional Balancing program can be formulated to help your body heal unwanted symptoms and improve your overall health and well-being.

For expert help in the specialty of HTMA, please contact Sari on 0403320845 or Book in here to get started today.

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