Sari’s Sardine Patties recipe

Need something yummy you can make ahead of time to take to work, or pack in your kids lunch boxes? Need new sardine recipe ideas? These patties are winners all round. Let me know if you like them!



1tbsp butter

1 onion, chopped

2 sweet potatoes, boiled and mashed

2 cans (110g each) of sardines, drained and mashed with fork

2 spring onions, chopped (optional)

2 cloves crushed garlic

3/4 cup brown rice flour

  • Heat butter in frying pan and cook onion until soft. Cool slightly.
  • Combine onion, mashed sweet potato, mashed sardines, garlic, spring onions and flour.
  • When mixture is cold, divide into patties.
  • Cover patties and place in fridge for 30 minutes.
  • Heat butter in frying pan and cook patties until golden.


Serve with yoghurt if desired. ENJOY!

Pizza crust recipe- Gluten free

Everyone loves pizza! Here is a delicious gluten-free pizza crust recipe which has been refined over the years. This recipe is a healthy alternative to white refined pizza crusts. People who only eat take away pizza, have commented that this  pizza crust tastes just as good, and ‘you can’t even tell it’s gluten-free!’

Top the pizza crust with delicious roast vegetables, such as carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot etc. Next, top it with a cheese of your choice and other additions such as anchovies, olives, garlic, onions and YUMMO!  Experiment with different herbs and spices for even more flavour, and nutrients!

Printable Pizza Crust- Gluten Free recipe

For an easy printable version of this  PIZZA CRUST – Gluten Free.

Making the double quantity gives enough for one dinner for a family of 6, and left overs for lunch the next day.


Makes one large pizza (feeds 5-6), or two large pizzas if a double batch cooked.


For double batch:

1 cup brown rice flour                                                    2 cups

1 cup arrowroot flour                                                     2 cups

1 ¼ tsp xanthum gum                                                   2 tsp

½ tsp sea salt                                                                  1 tsp

3 tsp of dry yeast                                                            5 tsp

½ cup lukewarm water                                                 1 cup

½ tsp raw sugar (to feed the yeast)                            ½ tsp

4 ½ tsp butter                                                                 9 tsp

¼ cup hot water                                                             ½ cup- ¾ cup

2 egg whites, room temperature.                               4 egg whites



  1. Preheat oven to 200C. Grease large pizza tray, or put cold pizza stone into cold oven.
  2. In a bowl of heavy-duty mixer, put flours, xanthum gum and salt. Gently stir together with a wooden spoon.
  3. In a separate small bowl, place sugar into lukewarm water, then sprinkle yeast on top.
  4. In a mug, put the butter into the hot water and stir to melt.
  5. Add hot water and butter mixture to dry ingredients. Blend on low speed.
  6. Next add egg whites and blend again.
  7. Lastly, add the yeast mixture, and blend on high speed for 4 minutes.
  8. You do not have to let this rise, however I like to whilst I prepare my pizza toppings. Letting it rise for 20 minutes results in a thicker crust.
  9. Spread mixture onto prepared trays or stone. Having wet fingers significantly helps to spread the mixture.
  10. Top the crust immediately with toppings of your choice.
  11. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes or until cheese is golden and edges are browned.


Topping ideas:

-Beetroot and feta: roast beetroot 1cm cubes with oil and thyme- 200C for 20 minutes. Put on base with crushed garlic and feta crumbled on top. Place rocket on top to serve.

-Carrot, garlic and anchovies.

-Roast pumpkin, roast carrot and feta.

-Load the pizza up with cooked vegetables, add feta or another cheese. Experiment with herbs and spices. Yum!

Carrot puree- roast carrot and onion, and then puree. Use as pizza base sauce instead of tomato paste.


Let us know how you go making this delicious gluten-free pizza crust.

Happy healing!



GARLIC: The Stinking Rose of Mirth

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start dosing yourselves and your loved ones up with GARLIC!  Garlic is one of my favourite medicinal foods. Not only does it taste great, it is incredibly good for you too. This short article will introduce you to some of the wonderful health benefits of adding garlic to your diet, as well as how to best eat and grow garlic!

Common cold/ immune enhancer

There are a plethora of studies demonstrating the immune- enhancing effects of garlic. One randomised study separated 146 participants into either the placebo group or the treatment group for 12 weeks over winter (Josling 2001). The treatment group were given allicin containing garlic supplements. The allicin group had significantly less colds than the placebo group. The placebo group also had significantly more days with viral symptoms, and significantly longer duration of symptoms. Garlic (particularly allicin) significantly lessens ones chance of getting colds in the first place, and then increases recovery time (Josling 2001). Now’s the time to start eating it as a healthy daily habit!

Cardiovascular and metabolic benefits

Not only an immune enhancer, but garlic is also widely recognised to have significant cardioprotective benefits. Numerous scientific, clinical studies have shown that it is a wonderful preventative and treatment for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. These include hyperlipidaemia, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, hypertension and diabetes (Banerjee  & Maulik 2002; numerous research articles cited in Bayan et al 2014). In other words, garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, prevent blood clotting, and help break down blood clots (Chan et al  2013).  These are big killers in western nations, and to think that our common garlic can help significantly! To prevent such illness, all you have to do is eat it! For high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc garlic supplementation is required via tablets.


Most people today attempt to stay healthy by preoccupying themselves with staying clean from germs. However, you are fighting a losing battle, as germs are EVERYWHERE- around, on and IN you! It is better to keep your body strong and healthy so the ‘bad’ germs don’t take hold! Eating garlic, the natural antibiotic, is one of the best ways to do this.

Many studies have proven that garlic is effective against numerous gram-positive, gram-negative and acid-fast bacteria. These include Salmonella, E. Coli, Pseudomonas, Proteus, Staphlococcus aureus, Klebsiella, bacillus subtulis, clostridium and helicobacter to name a few (numerous research articles cited in Bayan et al 2014). So not only can you prevent getting sick from bacteria in the first place but you can treat it with garlic also. Yes, even the antibiotic resistant bacteria such as gram-negative types. Impressive.


Cancer prevention

Moreover, there are numerous epidemiological research studies demonstrating the link between a decreased risk of cancer (especially stomach and colon cancer) and garlic consumption (Fleischauer & Arab 2001; Bayan et al 2014). With cancer as one of the top causes for death in Australia, simply adding it to your daily diet is worth it!

Other impressive benefits

If cardioprotective, immune-enhancing and cancer preventative properties aren’t enough to convince you to eat it regularly, there are many other benefits too. It has also been shown to be antifungal, antiviral, antiprotozoal, anti-tumour, and help treat diabetes, cardiovascular and liver toxicity (cited in Bayan et al 2014). The selenium contributes to heavy metal and chemical detoxification by the liver. Wow! I often use it in clinic to treat ear infections, respiratory infections, hypertension, candida, parasites and many other acute infections.  Book in to heal your body naturally this winter.

Best way to eat garlic

The best way to eat garlic is to crush it, let it sit, and eat it! The organosulfur compounds in crushed garlic are attributed with the beneficial health effects (Schafer  & Kaschula 2014). Eating it both cooked and raw offers the numerous benefits. But however you eat it, make sure you crush it first to activate the allinase enzymes. Then let it sit for up to 10 minutes to allow the enzymes to convert the allin into allicin to get the most medicinal benefits. Allicin will then form the benefical organosulfur compounds.

Eat one crushed garlic clove a day (2-5g) for wonderful, preventative health benefits.  Add crushed garlic to oil dressings raw, crush it into your soups, stews, casseroles, or roasts either before serving, or during cooking.  Eat it raw sometimes, and other times eat it cooked so as you maximise the health benefits of your health-promoting, garlic consumption.

What does garlic contain?

One close of garlic contains: 7 calories, 0.31g protein, 0.01g fat, 1.5g carbohydrate, 1.4mg calcium, 10mg phosphorus, 0.07mg iron, 0.9mg sodium, 26mg potassium, 0.01mg BI, 0.004mg B2, 0.02mg niacin, 0.75mg C and trace amounts of selenium. It also contains the much sort after alliin and allicin, the sulphur compounds that are incredibly health promoting. Much more than a spice, this medicinal food is powerful!

Grow your own garlic

Growing a garlic crop each year is one of my favourite veggie patch activities. Much of the Australian garlic is imported and has been treated with chemicals. You can void this by growing your own or buying organic.

Garlic needs to be planted in autumn so it has the cold winter months to form the heads. We planted ours last week. Simply break apart the heads into single cloves. With the pointy end upwards, push each single clove into the soil about 4-7cm deep. Water and weed as needed. Apply comfrey tea or other organic liquid fertiliser during spring to ensure a huge healthy crop of garlic.

Garlic varieties store from between 5 and 12 months. We enjoy our home grown, organic garlic all year round, until we harvest our next crop at the end of the year.

Take home message

Eat a clove of fresh, organic, raw or cooked garlic every day to help prevent cardiovascular disease cancer, bacterial infections, viral infections, and overall enhance your immune system. Eat lots of garlic if you have a cold or flu for a speedy recovery this winter. Eating garlic as part of a well balanced, fresh healthy diet will go a long way to helping you live a healthy and happy life.

Book in to see Sari when your next acute illness strikes. You may be prescribed garlic!

I love to receive comments, so please do so below.

To the ‘stinking rose of mirth’!


Happy healing,



For references go here


To continue on from the last article (Healing reactions and retracing on Nutritional Balancing), an example of a severe acute retracing case study is detailed following. This example illustrates how retracing can mimic ‘disease’ processes, yet is actually the body healing and becoming healthier. When on a Nutritional Balancing program, it is paramount that you stay in contact with Sari when you experience any concerning symptoms. A simple change in supplements and diet recommendations may be required, or perhaps supportive therapy prescribed to keep you healing and experiencing increased health and happiness.

Case study

A severe acute episode occurred whilst a patient was in the Four Lows pattern. His Na/K ratio had been balanced for the previous two HTMAs and his body was in a much better position to take on such a reaction. He suddenly developed cellulitis in his lower leg. It was swollen to twice its normal diameter, very red and angry looking, and very hot to touch. He experienced intense itching and some pain. It spread quickly to covering most of his lower leg, and started to track up over his knee also. He had no fevers. A GP assessment for a Medical Work Certificate concluded it was an ‘atypical cellulitis’ and promptly commenced anti-biotics. The patient chose not to take the anti-biotics.

Two days later, it was no better and of growing concern. If he did not have his leg raised above his heart the swelling was unbearable. He then developed a fast spreading rash on his torso. Within a day it went from sparse red spots, to his whole front and back torso, arms and neck all becoming one big angry red area where the rash had merged together. It was extremely itchy. The GP had no idea what this rash was and called it the ‘mystery rash’!

This lasted two weeks. He was unable to do much of anything, except look after himself Nutritional Balancing style!


It was initially difficult to discern whether this was retracing or an infection that required conventional aggressive treatment. Please read Healing reactions and retracing on Nutritional Balancing to learn about retracing further. It soon became apparent that this man was experiencing retracing. The following list is reasons why this was retracing and not a worsening of his health:

  • It was not a ‘normal’ cellulitis- it usually tracks horizontally, this tracked vertically
  • Usually one would have fevers and feel terribly ill. He did not.
  • The rash came on quickly and severely, but again, he had no accompanying symptoms.
  • The fact that the rash started only days after the atypical cellulitis is a big coincidence!
  • He was feeling really well preceding this reaction.
  • He had dumped copper in the past and it had come out through his skin. This was a different presentation however.
  • Twenty years prior, he had typical cellulitis in the exact same location. He was not on a Nutritional Balancing program at the time, and was treated with antibiotics.
  • Ultimately, he healed without the need for antibiotics. Before the discovery of antibiotics, cellulitis was fatal.

Procedures used to support this healing

This man had cellulitis years prior and it was treated with antibiotics. This did not allow the body to heal the infection, but rather suppressed the body’s reaction to the infection. Now that his body was healthy and balanced enough to actually deeply heal the infection, it brought it out in an acute way. The body then, if given the correct support, could heal the cellulitis thoroughly and deeply so as it will not return again. Sari advised him to do the following, to allow the deep healing to occur:

– his NB diet, to the best of his ability

-Near Infra Red (NIR) heat lamp sessions as much as he could tolerate. The heat intensified the itch, so he did short, frequent sessions

-cease supplements until the retracing subsided

-comfrey compresses on the leg to extract the toxins quicker

-3L good quality spring water daily

-plenty of deep breathing, resting and sleeping

-Foot reflexology and coffee enemas

Within two intense weeks, this man was back to his normal work and life duties, without the need for any drugs!

The take-home message

The aim on a Nutritional Balancing program is for your body chemistry to change, as this indicates you are healing. Your chemistry will not stay stagnant if you are on a NB program. The abundance of nutrients you get from your food, and all the minerals in the supplements all contribute to your body increasing its stores of minerals and healing tissues. The detoxification procedures, and your diet and supplements will all help your body eliminate toxins, and this also changes your body chemistry.

Furthermore, when your body chemistry changes, your symptoms also often change. Sometimes you will feel better, but other times you will feel worse because the supplements you are now taking are not what you require for your new body chemistry picture.

Therefore, it is very important to stay in contact with Sari whenever you have symptom changes. This is not a program to guess about, or self-prescribe. Symptom changes includes if you are feeling better or worse. It could be that you have an increase in energy, your bowel movements change, you develop a skin condition, or you get some anxiety. A whole range of things can happen that indicate your body chemistry has shifted. Often ones insight is reduced whilst retracing, and this is another reason to please contact Sari rather than attempt to figure things out your-self. If you are taking the incorrect supplements, diet and procedures for your new current body chemistry, it can be detrimental to your healing.

After you inform me of your new presentation, I will consequently review your case and advise of an updated program including a new prescription, change in procedures and lifestyle recommendations, and/or a change in diet. Sometimes you will not need an updated program. Sometimes you will just need to let the retracing or healing reaction work its way through to its completion. I will advise you of the best course of action to maximise your healing on Nutritional Balancing.

Not everyone experiences more severe retracing as outlined in the above case study. However, all retracing and healing reactions are a positive sign of healing and should be welcomed (however hard that may be at times!) Your body is getting rid of infections, toxins, and heavy metals and consequently rebuilding a new and healthy you!

I welcome any comments below, or any comments within the Contacts page.


Happy healing!



As part of a Nutritional Balancing program, the body undergoes two processes known as retracing and healing reactions. These are a very important part of your healing journey and are common whilst on a Nutritional Balancing program. Indeed without retracing or healing reactions, you will not heal effectively.  Both are briefly discussed in this article.


Dr. Wilson defines retracing as:

‘an unusual process by which the body thoroughly heals an illness or trauma that was incompletely healed in the past’.

The body healing old chronic infections or injuries or traumas at the deeper level is retracing. When your body is receiving excellent nutrition and the rest it requires, both retracing and healing reactions will occur.



Healing reactions are different from retracing and are defined as:

‘temporary symptoms that occur as the body heals at deep levels’.

Healing reactions are due to toxic metals being eliminated, toxic chemicals being eliminated, the healing/ removal of old infections, the removal of toxic tissue, and the healing of old physical or emotional traumas.

For an in depth review of retracing and healing reactions, please read Dr. Wilson’s article here. In fact, it is vital that you have an understanding of these two concepts so you can get the most out of your healing journey on Nutritional Balancing.


Following is an example of one patients healing journey over the past 12 months. This will provide insight into what you can expect whilst healing. Of course everyone’s experience is different.

This lady experienced 4-5 sinus infections, all mild enough, but uncomfortable. Almost everyone has chronic sinus infections so this retracing (chronic infections) and healing reaction (removal of toxic metals/ chemicals) is very common.

She then experienced 3-4 months of frequent (every few days) nosebleeds. It was somewhat distressing for her, however knowing that this was healing was very reassuring. The nosebleeds came out of the blue and also resolved suddenly. She suffered from nose bleeds throughout her childhood. This is an example of retracing. She has not had one for the last 5 months.

Next hot flushes accompanied by severe dizziness and headaches were experienced mostly in the evenings for a week. Again, this resolved spontaneously. This was not something she had ever experienced. This is an example of toxic metal removal- a healing reaction.

Lastly, she had a very painful wrist lasting a few months. She did not injure it at this time. The pain wouldn’t allow her to use it at all. She had a wrist sporting injury as a teenager. Again, it resolved suddenly and is another example of retracing.


Most healing reactions and retracings are mild. It is of great importance to remain positive whilst undergoing healing reactions or retracing. They should be seen as a positive sign of deep healing occurring. Usually people feel more energy and health before the body allows a healing reaction/ retracing episode to occur. Often people feel better than they did before they underwent the healing reaction/ retracing episode. Also, people often require an updated supplement and NB Program to accommodate the new and improved body chemistry they now own!


It is paramount that you contact me if you are having healing reactions or going through retracing. You will be advised what to do. Sometimes a program change is required, and sometimes supportive measures are needed to help you through it. Often you will require a program change after the healing reaction or retracing. All infections have the potential to be dangerous, so please don’t take any chances. Remember I am here to help and want to see you succeed in regaining your health!

The next article will illustrate a case study of a more severe retracing episode to give you another example.

If you haven’t already, please commence your Nutritional Balancing program today to get your healing started!

Please comment below and feel free to share your own healing experiences with us all.

I hope you continue to heal and gain greater health and happiness.