Work with me

To achieve your health goals we work together on the four essential areas of wellness: 

Nutrition, Detoxification, Natural Medicine and Lifestyle.

After treating and supporting many people through Nutritional Balancing Programs (NB), I have found that by working on these four areas through a multi step approach, it ensures I can provide you with the support you need to enable your greatest success.  

Every person is unique in their body chemistry. Therefore every person's program recommendations, (including diet, lifestyle, supplements, detoxification methods etc) are specific to them. Every person is also unique in how they approach learning and implementing their program.

Below you will find information on the process for working with me through my programs and courses.  You can also book 1:1 appointments with me to address any health concerns you have and optimise your energy and vitality.  

My programs have been designed to enable recommendations be made at a rate that allows you to absorb the plethora of information, and implement it in a sustainable manner.  The programs consist of the 12 Week Fundamentals Challenge that is either followed up with or done concurrently with the Nutritional Balancing Program to achieve your long term health goals.


1:1 consultations are available for you to address health concerns in a 'pay as you go' personalised Naturopathy approach.


The online 12 Week Fundamentals Challenge is designed to support you in transitioning your life into a healthy sustainable one through step by step weekly worksheets, articles, videos and presentations.


The Nutritional Balancing Program has been designed for those of you who wish to take their health to the optimum level through a 1:1 Personalised bespoke health program and are ready to step into embracing Nutritional Balancing for their long term health goals.

What my patient, Jackie has to say: