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 pain, infertility and menstrual symptoms.

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Endometriosis has a profound impact on all aspects of life, turning it into a relentless battle as it interferes with work, socialising, and even the most basic daily tasks.

  • Pelvic pain
  • Ovulation pain
  • Painful sex
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Infertility
  • Weight gain/ loss
  • Menstrual irregularity
  • Urinary symptoms
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Period pain and cramps
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Low back pain
  • Premenstrual spotting
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Indigestion and bloating

Does this sound like you?

Endometriosis need NOT limit you.  Discover and adopt effective self care practices, focus on powerful lifestyle and nutritional modifications, and implement proactive measures through this exceptional fundamental program all from the comfort of your home

Join myself and others who have beat their endometriosis naturally! YOU CAN TOO!

With the Endometriosis Fundamentals 12 Week Challenge You Will See a Significant Transformation!

Why this program is your best option:

- Sari is a fully-qualified Naturopath and Registered Nurse, with a comprehensive background in nursing, naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, AND specialising in Endometriosis.

- Sari wrote a thesis on Endometriosis in 2003

- Sari has experienced debilitating Endometriosis herself, and cured it


"Sari is very knowledgeable, supportive, non-judgmental and genuinely caring. The 12 week Challenge is a wonderful resource and motivational tool to have for this healing journey. It not only gives you the information of what to do, but also it helps explain why you are doing it and how to implement the changes. The weekly [lesson] was well timed, giving you enough time to read/ watch through the information, incorporate the changes and establish a routine before the next [lesson] arrived. The gradual implementation of some of the lifestyle or food changes each week made it manageable and not to daunting and the chart a great tool and reminder of your weekly goals. I highly recommend the Challenge for anyone, it's a fantastic tool."


As a fully-qualified Naturopath:

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
  • Diploma of Nutritional Balancing

and a Registered Nurse:

  • Bachelor Nursing Science (Honours H1A)
  • Thesis entitled ‘Endometriosis: the journey’

Coupled with my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I am well suited to help YOU!

My journey of battling debilitating endometriosis without finding satisfactory medical solutions led me to discover my own natural healing decades ago. I have researched and written a thesis on endometriosis. AND I have dedicated myself to expanding my knowledge and expertise through Degrees and additional training of Advanced Diplomas, equipping me with the understanding required to effectively support others on their natural healing journey towards overall wellness.

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with our specialised online course, meticulously designed to alleviate Endometriosis symptoms naturally. 

Do you lead a busy life and can't afford to keep being sick? This course is for you.

Do you need a solution that you can action from home? This course is for you. 

Each week is designed to uncover a new health strategy called a 'challenge' focusing on empowering you with the knowledge and tools to naturally manage your condition efficiently and effectively. Getting you back on your feet and enjoying life again. 

Our comprehensive program breaks down each strategy into three key aspects:

  • Understanding the 'why,' 'how,' and 'when' through engaging video teachings and demonstrations; 

  • Practical guidance on incorporating these strategies into your daily life; and

  • Insights into the positive outcomes you can expect. 

Join me to navigate the path to better health with clarity and support at every step.

This fundamental course provides practical strategies along with three private one-on-one consultations, ensuring a supportive and empowering experience.

Don't let your endometriosis pain and symptoms keep impacting your life. You deserve better.

By implementing what you learn in this 12-week course, you will establish lasting habits for relieving your pain and improving your well-being, without any nasty side-effects!

Get clear guidance on WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHY it is beneficial. This reduces your time spent researching futile health information online and reduces your time taking an ad hoc and ineffective approach to your healing.

And if you aren't loving the Challenge by the end of Week 2, you'll get 100% of your money back!


  • 12 x weekly endometriosis challenges. VALUE: $600
  • 3 x PRIVATE one-on-one online health consultations VALUE: $210
  • Instructional videos & engaging worksheets VALUE $600
  • Weekly Development Charts     VALUE $50
  • 12 Weeks of email support
  • Facebook Support Group

The Challenge will help you:

  • Relieve your menstrual, ovulation and intercourse pain
  •  Dramatically improve menstrual and digestive symptoms
  • Understand what lifestyle practices will help decrease your suffering and HOW to do them
  • Increase your sense of calm, manage stress in your life and improve your mental wellbeing  
  • Adopt a balanced, nutritional diet that’ll help your body function at 100%
  • Reduce the systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalance and immune dysregulation 
  • Begin to really heal naturally and rectify the cause of endometriosis 
  • Say hello to a happy, energised, pain-free you who’s ready to take on the day and thrive in life

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not happy by the end of Week 2 you will receive 100% money back.

Are you ready to take the challenge and improve your endometriosis and your life?

If you are not happy by the end of Week 2 you will receive 100% money back.

You can't afford NOT to get your life back.



 The Challenge was instrumental in my successful implementation of the lifestyle overhaul! I like to jump into things straight away, and I can see now that it would have been too overwhelming to make all of the changes at once. It helped me to slow down (a recurring theme these days) and take one step at a time.

It’s methodical and practical. A really helpful aspect for me was having the daily ‘to do’ list.

The best part by far, however, was having the support of Sari. It can be a daunting time in the beginning, with so many questions and symptoms. She truly has your back, and it was such a comfort to know that help and advice was only an email away.

I would definitely recommend the Challenge. It not only makes the journey feel stable and systematic, but it’s all the info you need in one spot.

FLEUR, 31 year old

The breakdown of challenges across all the weeks was very manageable, and as it’s broken down into weeks it helps so much. It was in perfect order. If there was any more information included, it would be very overwhelming, so the course was just right. 

The Challenge helped me especially with the diet part... it’s always been my weakness and doing things in weeks helps so much then just going cold turkey.

I really enjoyed the course, I had constant support throughout the course and didn’t feel alone. It helps when you know that Sari is an email away and that you know that when you’re very stuck with something you can get that answer.

Sari’s course has helped me so much. I look forward in continuing to work alongside Sari to get to my perfect health.

JESSICA, 30 year old

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Meet Your Challenge Facilitator

Sari Young, a Registered Nurse and qualified Naturopath, is committed to empowering people with the knowledge and tools needed to take charge of their health. With a thesis on Endometriosis, she is dedicated to assisting women in overcoming this condition. Having successfully overcome her own debilitating endometriosis and later giving birth to four healthy children, Sari passionately shares her expertise to inspire others on their healing journey.

Sari Young combines her practical approach, expertise in both mainstream and natural medicine, and years of experience to support you in reaching your optimal wellness and happiness goals.