Hair contains heaps of data about you! How you live, what you eat and don’t eat, your exposure and accumulation of toxins and how well your body is functioning!

Hair grows rapidly on average 1.27cm/ 0.5in per month, or 3.81cm/1.5in per three months. It is therefore a wonderful tissue to biopsy to observe a person’s recent or long term biochemistry and their soft tissue metabolism.

The body tissue hair, is made of mostly dead keratinised cells all stuck together. The hair root is below the skin surface and contains the living portion. This living matrix (like all tissues) relies on blood supply for its nourishment and for its growth. The hair shaft grows for two to six years before falling out. Whilst it is growing, minerals from the blood are keratinised into the growing hair shaft, which creates an incredible permanent record of any exposures to heavy metals, chemical toxins including medications and drugs, nutrient minerals, and metabolic activity.

If your body has any nutrient, mineral, toxic excess, or deficiency from poor quality food, poor health or environmental exposures, it is ‘recorded’ on your hair shaft! Amazing!

What can Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) show you?

  • Mineral excess and deficiencies
  • Heavy metal toxins
  • Energy levels/ vitality / fatigue
  • Thyroid and adrenal functioning (hormones and the cellular effects)
  • How well your hormones are working
  • Liver and kidney (stress and activity)
  • Metabolic rate (fast, slow or mixed oxidation)
  • Immune system health
  • Mental health and psychological assessment. Indicators of conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and bipolar can be identified. The HTMA reveals how to correct these at the deep level.
  • Autonomic nervous system balance (including sympathetic and parasympathetic responses to metabolic dysfunction)
  • Insulin resistance, carbohydrate tolerance and hypoglycaemia
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Stages of stress

How can I and my family benefit from a HTMA?

By balancing the metabolic rate alone, hundreds of physical and mental symptoms can be helped! By balancing the autonomic nervous system, many issues can be relieved such as digestive issues, mental conditions, sleep problems, blood sugar issues and immune system problems. Your ability to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals will improve dramatically, and therefore you can heal at a deeper level including complex diseases such as endometriosis. When you balance your biochemistry, you will experience vitality, wonderful energy levels, stable mental health, carbohydrate tolerance, effective immune system, balanced reproductive system health and a sense of calm.   

Pre-conception/ fertility planning

Hormone levels are directly impacted by mineral imbalances. The health of the mother-to-be and her unborn baby, the ease of delivery / birth and the baby’s health can all be optimised on a Nutritional Balancing program. Fertility can be maximised by relieving endometriosis, and providing the correct minerals for healthy conception to occur.

Heavy metals and toxins are passed from mother to baby (and to a lesser extent from father to baby) at conception. To give your child the best start in life, a HTMA prior to planning for a baby will give you the tools to detoxify the toxins and avoid passing them on to your precious baby. Minerals have a direct impact on hormones, fertility and the health and development/growth or your unborn and born baby. Imbalances lead to health consequences for adults and babies alike.


Optimise your child’s growth and development and enable them to learn well, focus well and reach their intellectual and social potential. ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioural challenges and recurring illnesses can all be helped via a Nutritional Balancing program based on a HTMA. Eczema, colic, infections, headaches, obesity, asthma, anxiety, and constipation can all be helped by balancing the body chemistry.


Many adults are suffering with all sorts of conditions, but the most prevalent chronic conditions experienced in Australia in 2020-2021 were mental and behavioural conditions. More than a staggering 20% of people experienced diagnosable mental/ behavioural illness (Australian Bureau of Statistics (2020-21), Health Conditions Prevalence, ABS Website).  However, many more people have mental health concerns that impact their lives, that do not receive a diagnosis. These illnesses can be significantly improved by removing the heavy metals and balancing mineral ratios through a Nutritional Balancing program based on a correctly interpreted HTMA. Many illnesses in adulthood can be helped such as endometriosis, thyroid and adrenal issues, chronic fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune illnesses, headaches/ migraines, hormonal imbalances, stress, cardiovascular disease etc.


Endurance, performance improvement and injury recovery all require optimal mineral balancing. All can be improved by balancing ratios and removing toxins (a Nutritional Balancing program based on a HTMA).


Again, hormones are heavily reliant on good mineral levels and balanced ratios. To enjoy a smooth perimenopause journey with balanced hormones your mineral ratio balance is key. A thorough look at your body chemistry will enable a truly holistic and correct program to be designed for you, enabling the hot flushes, irritability, insomnia and mood swings to even out.


Improved symptoms and conditions, a sense of wellbeing, a good quality of life and balanced moods, are all possible by starting with a HTMA that reveals what is behind the symptoms or condition. Next, a tailor-made Nutritional Balancing program based on the HTMA helps to remove harmful toxins and replenish depleted minerals. The treatment is targeted at the cause of issues and enables the body to heal and improve quality of life.

Preventative health

HTMA can detect trends for different diseases, so the causes can be rectified BEFORE the disease manifests itself fully.

The guesswork is gone when it comes to what minerals, diet, lifestyle advice and detoxification procedures are prescribed when it is based on an accurately interpreted HTMA and the persons current symptom presentation.

Find out what your body chemistry reveals about you and what to do about it!

Hair is an amazing tissue in which we can learn an incredible amount of information about YOU. By conducting a properly performed Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, a Nutritional Balancing program will be designed based on your unique body chemistry. Whether you are planning conception, have children, are experiencing chronic disease, or want to optimise your health and prevent future illness, the HTMA and Nutritional Balancing program is an advanced method that will enable your body to function at a much higher level that it is currently.

Book in now for your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and find out WHY you aren’t feeling your best.

Get expert guidance on exactly what minerals you need to take to rebalance your body chemistry and regain your vitality through our signature Rebalance Nutritional Balancing program.

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