Making your own homemade yoghurt is so easy to do. I used to make it with organic, unhomogenised milk, however now I make it with our fresh raw Jersey cow milk. It is the same process.
Yoghurt is a rich source of protein and has over 400 different types of fatty acids! Full fat homemade yoghurt, without added sugars, preservatives and other nasties, provides nearly every nutrient you need! It boasts B12 (found nearly exclusively in animal foods), phosphorus, calcium and riboflavin (B2). But best of all, it is a rich source of probiotics.
Of course, all yoghurt is NOT created equal! Commercial yoghurt has many nasty additives in it, and lots of sugar. Look for organic plain yoghurt without added sugar, to get more benefits and no harmful substances. Or make homemade yoghurt yourself from organic milk (or better yet, RAW milk!)


• 2 litres milk (Ideally fresh, organic raw milk. Or organic store-bought milk)
• ½ cup of plain yoghurt (from your last batch of homemade yoghurt, or from store bought plain organic yoghurt)


1. Place 2 L of milk into your slow cooker.
2. Turn in on low for 2.5 hours.
3. Then turn it off, and leave it in the slow cooker for a further 3 hours.
4. Then take a half cup of warm milk out of the slow cooker, and add to it a half a cup of plain yoghurt from your last batch of homemade yoghurt, or some store bought organic plain yoghurt.
5. Whisk these two together, and then pour the mix into the slow cooker with the rest of the warm milk.
6. Whisk it all together so there are no lumps in the slow cooker.
7. Then take the slow cooker pot with the milk and yoghurt mix in it out of the outer container. Place it on a blanket and then wrap it up nice and snug. You want to help it maintain its temperature.
8. Leave it there for 7-12 hours, depending on how thick you like your yoghurt (the longer, the thicker), and what the environmental temperature is. In winter, I place mine in the blanket in front of the wood fire. In summer I still place it there, but the fire isn’t going!
9. Then ladle it into glass jars and pop in the fridge. If you are making smaller quantities, before wrapping it in the blanket, I pour the warm milk into smaller serve size jars, then wrap them in the blanket. Once they are finished, simple pop them in the fridge.


I get my homemade yoghurt started in the mid-afternoon when the kids are having afternoon tea. Then I get to Step 7 before bed (mix in the yoghurt), and Step 8 can occur over night (snug in the blankets). First thing in the morning, I put it into the fridge.
Your homemade yoghurt is best enjoyed cold, so let it chill before eating.

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