Before seeing Sari my toddler Xavier had eczema and was somewhat hyperactive and clingy. He also craved sugar and carbohydrates a lot. Xav is now 4 years old and since being on NB his behaviour has improved markedly. He is more calm and easy to reason with. He exceeds many of his developmental milestones. He has an excellent vocabulary, articulates himself well, is never sick and has a full set of beautiful white teeth. Sari is lovely to communicate with, she is kind, gentle and understanding. Being on NB takes the uncertainty out of parenting as I can be assured that if Xavier’s behaviour changes I am doing the best I can from a nutritional and lifestyle point of view and the change could be a healing reaction, which I have Sari to support us through. Sari is a wealth of knowledge on natural health, healing and wellbeing.

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Sari Young

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