NB Testimonials

Taken from Dr.L.Wilson’s website:


Quinn, age 11, had type 1 diabetes for 6 years, with only worsening need for insulin shots.  After being on the program for about 1 year, his insulin requirement has been cut by more than one half, and he is growing much better, as well.  His mood and his energy level are also much better.  He also has much better color of his skin.



I am fifty years old, and have had serious health problems since childhood including allergies, asthma, rheumatic illness, skin problems and Crohn’s disease.  I also had alcohol problems, and got alcohol poisoning 9 years ago.  I also had very thin hair, and was also wheelchair bound.  I thought that nothing could change that.  As a result, I had little hope of regaining my health when I began a nutritional balancing program.

Today, I have no asthma and the Crohn’s disease is gone.  I also have no skin rashes or psoriasis. My hair was rather thin before, making me look almost like a man.  But now it has grown back again.

People say to me I look more like 35 than 50.  Before I started the nutritional balancing program, people thought I was 10 years older than I was.  So now I look about 25 years younger than before.  I also had problems with infections in my mouth, and I was afraid I might lose some of my teeth. However, I did not, thanks to the nutritional balancing.

I can walk again.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk again, and not to have to use a wheelchair and a walker. The best of all is that I can use my hands again, so I can play music again.  I am a musician and play guitar and flute.  – M.C., Sweden



Nine years ago I had my teeth extracted in Mexico.  At the time, one tooth had a serious infection that had gotten into the jawbone.  The dentist said he could not get all the infection out of the bone because of a nerve.

Today I had the bone evaluated by a Huggins institute dentist.  He said there is no infection there now.  Thank you nutritional balancing, which I have done for the past 8 years!  – DF, USA



I just want to sing NB praises.  My gray hair is 98% gone!  I just want to run out and tell women everywhere to stop dying their hair and to change their diet instead.  (NOTE: this does not always occur – Dr. Wilson.)

I am a 43 year old woman and my hair is now growing back blond and not gray. I was on the “free program” for one year, and have just started the complete program for a month and a half. I have particularly noticed a change since starting the complete program.  – C.R., New York, USA



I have been on the nutritional balancing program for about two years.  I have gone through some significant dumps in calcium (this was the biggest), potassium, nickel, lead, and aluminum.  I have noticed an improvement in intractable anxiety and suicidal thinking, along with better posture (that’s the lead).

This program is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful healing modalities out there.  The issue with it is that it takes patience and some faith, as healing reactions can test a persons faith in it.  I have been through some rough ones myself.  However, each time you get through them, you trust even more in the program, as your baseline energy continues to rise.

I used to be the most skeptical person you would ever meet, as it related to the program.  I wanted hard and fast proof of mechanisms of action from peer reviewed journals that my healing reactions were actually what they were.  That isn’t likely to occur anytime in the near future, so just realize that you will be the evidence.  Your improvement and getting through the trying times will be more powerful than anything anyone else can tell you. – CJE, USA



I had EXTREME fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog. It had gotten so bad over the years, because no one knew what it was and all my tests came back normal (traditional docs).  Since the doctors didn’t know what it was, they suggested anti-depressants, hormones, and thyroid meds. But I knew that would only be treating the symptoms. I had more apathy than depression, but I believe it was because I was just too weak to handle any emotion.

Literally, most days I woke up and shuffled to the couch, and back to bed every night for 16-20 hrs of sleep.  I wasn’t necessarily “tired”.  Sleep was frankly all I had enough energy to do, and I couldn’t make much use of my couch time, because I couldn’t read more than a couple paragraphs without being completely overwhelmed.  (Background: I have a graduate degree and worked in an upper level management position.)

I had an almost immediate small improvement on the nutritional balancing program.  That allowed me enough energy to at least shower and put makeup on most every day, and even run errands on my good days.

Nine months into the program, doing the whole program, I had a huge copper elimination or copper dump.  It hit me so hard that I was back in a wheelchair for two days, had a migraine for three days, and then a skin rash for two weeks.

I am MUCH better now.  My bad days now feel like I used to feel on my good days, before the copper elimination.  My practitioner says to expect 1 or 2 more healing reactions before I’m completely back to normal.

But now, I can’t wait!  The program is slow, but we didn’t get this way overnight.  After nine months of following the program pretty religiously, my body finally decided it was strong enough to dump a bunch of copper.  It restored my faith in the program, because after about six months, I was getting very impatient.

I am now a staunch supporter of this program, and so happy I found it, and my consultant!  Where would I be without them?  Oh, that’s right, I’d be on the couch.

— CC, Florida



When I began a nutritional balancing program, I had been battling fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and low thyroid gland activity.  I also ended up in the hospital for a week with kidney failure despite no history of kidney issues. Western medicine got my kidneys working again and the doctors sent me home telling me “You’re fine…your labs are normal.” However, I still had no energy and felt like hell even on a good day.

I stumbled upon Dr. Wilson’s information and NB by accident and it’s been life changing for me.  My practitioner helps me understand the results of the hair mineral tests I’ve had in the last year, and it’s very encouraging to see and feel that my thyroid is improving, my brain fog has lifted, and my energy and mood are better, along with many other physical and emotional improvements. I follow many components of the program and refer to the website frequently for information, encouragement, and inspiration.

The program has also helped me make important changes in how I think.  The Facebook group is also a good source of information and support.

– D.B., Kansas


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