Sari will guide you regarding your diet and exercise regimes to assist you to lose that extra unwanted weight. You choose whether you would like this to be through Naturopathic methods, or through Nutritional Balancing. Naturoapthic methods include: diet, water and exercise and perhaps a couple of supplements depending on your health history. Nutritional Balancing includes a full program of diet, exercise regimes, supplements, detoxification procedures and spiritual and mental aspects.

The following is taken from Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s article “Weight loss with Nutritional Balancing Science” 2015.


Nutritional balancing is one of the safest and surest way to lose excessive weight.  It is very effective, automatic if one follows the program properly, and most important, very safe – unlike almost all other weight loss methods.

Hundreds of people have permanently lost large amounts of weight healthfully with a nutritional balancing program.  Some lose up to 150 pounds or more.

In fact, a more common complaint I hear is that one gets too thin if one follows a nutritional balancing program carefully. Everyone becomes thin on this program, which some people do not like.  Let us discuss these attributes in more detail. 


This should be everyone’s primary concern when following a diet, taking a drug, herb or other supplement, going for weight loss surgery, or any other means of losing weight.

By safe, I mean that with nutritional balancing, one’s overall health improves as weight is lost.  In fact, the weight loss is a “side effect” of improved health due to a nutritional balancing program.

In addition, there are NO:

  1. Possibly toxic drugs or herbs,
  2. Toxic and possibly lethal surgery
  3. Dangerous vigorous exercise
  4. Extreme or deficient diets.

Starvation.  In contrast, most weight loss diets and programs do not supply the body with the nutrients it needs and/or do not balance body chemistry.  Therefore, one may lose weight, but one becomes more ill and nutritionally deficient at the same time.

This is the case with practically ALL weight loss programs, especially those that restrict food intake or utilize strict diets, cleansing diets, vegetarian or vegan diets, the HCG weight loss program, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, stomach stapling, and most others.  This is an important factor to consider if one is thinking of any weight loss program.

Toxicity.  Some weight loss programs definitely cause toxicity because they involve somewhat toxic herbs, stimulant drugs such as dexadrine to suppress the appetite, or surgery that fills one with anesthesia and other drugs needed during or after surgery.


Weight loss with nutritional balancing is permanent because the program reverses the basic causes of weight gain.  In other words, it is not a “temporary fix”, as are most all other weight loss programs. For example, damaging foods are eliminated.  Drugs such as antibiotics that were damaging metabolism are removed from the body, for example, so they no longer upset metabolism.  Thyroid activity is restored.  This is explained later in this article.


It is simple because:

  1. A nutritional balancing program involves no special cleansing diets, no counting calories or measuring food portions, and no starvation – you can eat until you are full.
  2. Also, it does not require vigorous exercise. This saves time and saves a lot of effort, as well. In fact, I discourage any vigorous exercise at all.  Most bodies today are too ill for that and it can be dangerous.  Also, for young women, going to health clubs and jogging are definitely unsafe activities.
  3. Automatic. It happens automatically in all cases, and usually quickly.  The key is to follow the diet and take the supplements.  Using the detoxification procedures makes it even better, but is not as important.


Most weight loss programs leave a person more depleted nutritionally.  This applies to any program that restricts caloric intake, for example, and to all of them that do not insist on a better diet with more cooked vegetables and supplements, including a powerful digestive aid.  These are all needed to renourish the body.  A COMPLETE nutritional balancing program usually takes care of weight problems easily because it:

  1. Slowly restores thyroid activity. That is, it helps remove chlorides, fluorides, bromides, copper and mercury from the thyroid gland, and puts back iodine, manganese, selenium and other minerals needed for the thyroid.  As this is done, the thyroid starts functioning normally, without a need for thyroid hormone replacement.  The latter always slows progress on a nutritional balancing program unless the thyroid gland has been surgically removed or destroyed by radiation or some other method.
  2. Reducing insulin production. This is done by restricting all sugars, fruits, fruit juices and other simple carbohydrates and even complex carbohydrates such as wheat and spelt.
  3. Restore zinc to the body. Zinc is needed as an anti-inflammatory element, for insulin regulation, for the adrenals and thyroid gland, for digestion, and for many other purposes.
  4. Reducing high cortisol levels, if needed. This also helps with some weight loss.  Basically, this occurs due to stress reduction.
  5. Less water retention. This occurs due to better zinc levels, lower cortisol and cortisone levels, lower insulin, and a more balanced oxidation rate.
  6. Less inflammation. This is related to paragraphs 1 – 5 above.  It involves a better diet, a better lifestyle, zinc replenishment and making sure one has enough of other anti-inflammatory nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, flavinoids, calcium, magnesium and others.  It also has to do with getting rid of the ‘amigos’, which are oxidants and highly inflammatory forms of minerals.
  7. Making the body much more yang. Yang is a Chinese word that means warmer and more contracted.  Indeed, many people’s bodies are too expanded, literally.  As one becomes more yang, there is a general contraction of the body that results in weight loss, when needed.
  8. Facing and working through traumas and other issues. This happens automatically on a nutritional balancing program as one’s deep adaptive energy level rises.  As these issues are resolved, abnormal food cravings often vanish, eating sensibly becomes easier, and often one naturally eats less and handles food better.


  1. The diet isessential.  Do not try to avoid the diet. The stricter you follow the diet, the better will be the outcome.  For example, one needs to avoid ALL fruit and fruit juices, not just most of them.
  2. Cravings and odd feelings will occur at times.This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Just do your best, using gimmicks, if needed, to keep you from overeating or eating the wrong foods.
  3. The time factor in weight loss.This varies depending on genetics, glandular balance and other factors.  I recommend setting aside any “instant cures” mentality and deciding that one will do what it takes for a few years, if needed, to achieve one’s healthful weight loss.

This means several years of attention to the correct diet, the proper supplements, a healthful lifestyle and emotional control.

  1. Extra detoxification procedures are also often requiredincluding near infrared lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas. Other modalities such as colonic irrigation, chiropractic and body work may help, at times, as well.
  2. Cellulite goes away, too. For more on this topic, please read Cellulite And Nutritional Balance Science.

If you are willing to work into such a program, most overweight problems will be solved easily, even if the problem has been there for years.  You will not require surgery, harmful drugs, questionable herbs, or deficient or extreme diets of any kinds.  You also will not need fasting, which is unsafe for most people except for short 1 or 2-day fasts.

The rest of this article includes more details on some causes for weight gain, and other topics related to weight.


Most weight gain involves one or more of the following factors:

  1. Food and diet issues. This includes cravings for certain foods, eating compulsions and perhaps other food issues.
  2. Biochemical imbalances associated with weight gain.The best known of these is a low thyroid condition.  However, other glandular imbalances or metabolic problems can contribute to weight gain.
  3. Stopping stimulants that were driving the metabolism and keeping weight in check. Some people gain weight when they stop vigorous exercise, or when they stop living on coffee or other stimulants.
  4. Physical and emotional traumas that often cause weight gain.This is a very important and often hidden cause of weight gain.  The most common type of trauma that can cause weight gain is a molestation or rape, especially in women.  Others include getting beaten up, an accident of some kind, or other types of traumas.

These traumas can be slowly brought up and resolved using a nutritional balancing program.  This is not the case with most other weight loss diets and methods.

  1. Other.One must stop drinking diet sodas and using artificial sweeteners, avoid all chemicals in foods and elsewhere, and avoid most antibiotics.

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