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I had initially found Sari and her services online whilst in a desperate search for answers to my long list of debilitating symptoms. I have too many to count from extreme fatigue, severe digestive problems, chronic constipation, candida, severe mood swings, lots of emotional & mental issues, anxiety & panic, depression, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, amenorrhea, racing racing mind & thoughts and many more. I had seen so many different practitioners and tried so many “treatments” to no avail prior to starting the NB program & was truly relieved to have found someone in my city to practice & offer it. I started on the nutritional balancing program and have been continuing on it for just over a year now & I can confidently say & attest that deep healing does occur. It is a very gradual and slow progress however knowing that having a build up of many toxins over the years possibly since birth is not an overnight fix. Sari truly has helped me to understand this and her constant reassurance, kindness, compassion & support helps keep me going. She is always there to answer or clarify any questions or concerns without delay. I sure have had many myself and just knowing that I have a practitioner who has a genuine care & the best of interest in her clients like Sari does is such a comforting feeling especially in such dark & lonely times. She definitely is someone I can trust to consult with any concerns I may have and would highly recommended her to anyone. I am so grateful to have found Sari. There definitely are times where I do fall short off the program with diet etc but I now treat it as a learning experience rather than beating myself up for my downfalls & just focus on getting back up & continuing on the path as best as I can again regardless. Most of our consultations have been via phone & there has been no issues what so ever. Overall, I can say that my symptoms are improving & it’s also nice to see how much progress I have made with the hair test results for some motivation. I know I still have a long way to go but I have peace of mind knowing that I have found such a powerful program with such a wonderful practitioner guiding and supporting me through it all. So grateful for you Sari :).

I would highly recommend Sari Young to friends & family as mentioned in my description above.

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