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Up until my mid 40’s I enjoyed very good physical health. I was very fit, rarely got sick and could eat whatever I liked without any problems. But after that I slowly accumulated a lot of ‘little’ health issues that seemed to compound despite the many treatments from various health practitioners and modalities that I tried. I felt I was on the decline and by the time I came to Sari I was fatigued, anxious, experiencing on-going gut problems and hobbling with arthritis in my hip. I was ready to work on a deeper level which was what Sari was offering via Nutritional Balancing. I have now been on the program for nearly 4 years. In my particular case, the healing is a slow process of unwinding many layers of ‘dis-ease’ including psychological/emotional. Sari keeps me going with her steady and confident manner. My three monthly hair mineral testing and results consultations are perfectly timed to keep me motivated with a morale boosting, informative and encouraging long chat with Sari. Sometimes I don’t feel much improvement but when Sari explains my results there is always evidence of healing and detoxing and general progress. If I have lapsed a little in my adherence to the program Sari is kind, warm and non-judgmental but gives me reason and motivation to ‘lift my game.’ Over many of these three monthly hair test cycles I have developed a high degree of trust in Sari’s expertise and judgement and a renewed faith in the body’s incredible capacity to heal when the right conditions are provided.

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