Reinvigorate your life with the


 This challenge will transform you in a dynamic manner.

If you are serious about regaining your health, you will quickly recognise that you not only need the knowledge of what to do, but also the tools, strategies and motivation.  Your health is your most important asset. Without it, you don’t have much.

The FUNDAMENTALS CHALLENGE is jam packed with helpful, practical information to get you healing now! It is highly motivational too!  It includes:

  • 12 week step-by step challenges
  • Engaging worksheets
  • Effective strategies
  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Instructional videos
  • Entertaining presentations
  • Dynamic Development Chart
  • 3x 1:1 Online Consultations
  • Naturopathic email support

It provides you with the knowledge, tools and strategies you need AND it will give you the MOTIVATION to actually transform yourself into your

new healthy lifestyle and new YOU!

Be supported to set your own realistic goals and achieve meaningful sustainable change


Become vibrant and healthy again!


Date: 6th February 2022

Venue: Your comfortable home

Investment: $500


It takes just 30 days to form a habit, and I will help you form many new beneficial healthful habits!

It’s time to renew, refresh, and re-energise your body.

  • Each week you are sent articles, videos, presentations, worksheets and content for you to read, watch and plan. You implement the changes during the week. Then your next Week will arrive with your next Challenge.
  • Each week is presented thoughtfully and in a fun way. This breakdown of health objective challenges enables you to set realistic goals and achieve meaningful change.
  • Naturopath Sari Young is available for support via email questions related to the Fundamentals Challenge material throughout the 12 Weeks.
  • Enjoy three 1:1 ZOOM online video consultations throughout the 12 Weeks to keep you on track and motivated.

Once you are incorporating healthy sustainable habits in your life, you will see enormous benefits to your health, relationships and happiness.

For just $500 for 3 months worth of content, you can:

Increase your vitality

Begin to balance your body chemistry

Change your life for the better

 Gain greater health and happiness!

Is the Fundamental Challenge for you?

YES! If you want to:

      • Prevent illness and disease later in life
      • Increase your energy levels
      • Increase your quality of sleep
      • Improve your moods
      • Improve your concentration levels
      • Lose weight
      • Improve your memory
      • Much more!

Fundamental health topics included:

  • Diet- carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fish, veggies, water
  • Detoxification procedures you can do at home- reflexology, breathing, spinal twisting
  • Lifestyle changes that make a big impact, and MORE!

Yes! I would love to experience the 12 week Fundamentals Challenge!

Simply submit the form below requesting your Fundamentals Challenge. If you have been given a SPECIAL CODE, please quote this also in your message.

    Thank you, Sari will be in contact with you soon. You’re on your way to a new life and new YOU!

    Initially felt overwhelmed…making changes slowly over a period of 12 weeks …my daughter was able to adapt
    My daughter has struggled with her health since birth and I’ve been looking for someone to support us in our journey to good health. We started the fundamentals challenge, which really helped us ease into such a new diet and way of thinking. As a stay at home Mum of 2 children, I initially felt overwhelmed by how I would be able to incorporate all of the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, but by making changes slowly over a period of 12 weeks I was able to slowly make the changes and more importantly, my daughter was able to adapt. We are continuing to use Sari’s services as she has been such a great support throughout our journey so far and I really trust her knowledge and judgement surrounding my daughters health. I would recommend the Fundamentals Challenge to slowly make small changes to lifestyle and diet making it easier for long term changes.
    Jo Smith, daughter aged 4 years old, Sydney
    R&R Challenge enabled me to introduce the concepts of NB at a steady pace
    I very much enjoyed the R&R challenge. It enabled me to introduce the concepts of nutritional balancing at a steady pace, which helped me a great deal as I was very busy at the time when I began it. Made everything far less overwhelming. I would recommend the R&R Challenge to family and friends, but would especially recommend the R&R Challenge to those who are very busy or easily overwhelmed. I rate the R&R Challenge 5 out of 5!
    wonderful resource and motivational tool
    Sari is very knowledgeable, supportive, non-judgemental and genuinely caring. The 12 week Challenge is a wonderful resource and motivational tool to have for this healing journey. It not only gives you the information of what to do, but also it helps explain why you are doing it and how to implement the changes. The weekly email was well timed, giving you enough time to read through the information, incorporate the changes and establish a routine before the next email arrived. The gradual implementation of some of the lifestyle or food changes each week made it manageable and not to daunting and the chart a great tool and reminder of your weekly goals. I highly recommend the R&R Challenge for anyone genuinely wanting to undertake and incorporate the NB Program into your life, it's a fantastic tool.
    Audrey, 53 years old
    Instrumental in my successful implementation…
    For me, the R&R Challenge was instrumental in my successful implementation of the lifestyle overhaul that is Nutritional balancing!  I like to jump into things straight away, and I can see now that it would have been too overwhelming to make all the changes at once. R&R helped me to slow down (a recurring theme these days) and take one step at a time. This package is all the things I like. It's methodical, practical, and means you don't have to think too much - just read the new email each week. A really helpful aspect for me, was having the daily 'to do' list, to print out. The best part by far, however, was having the support of Sari. It can be a daunting time in the beginning, with so many questions and symptoms. She truly has your back, and it was such a comfort to know that help and advice is only an email away. I would definitely recommend the R&R for other new to the NB program. It not only makes the journey feel stable and systematic, but it's all the info you need in one spot.
    Fleur, 31, NSW
    learned lots…
    I liked the distribution of the challenges across the weeks very very well. At the beginning people have more drive and there was more to do and less when I became a little less motivated. The order of the challenges was great. I have learned lots and have incorporated lots- even having carrots daily.
    Lydia, 38, NSW
    constant support
    The breakdown of challenges across all the weeks was very manageable, and as it’s broken down into weeks it helps so much. It was in perfect order. If there was any more information included, it would be very overwhelming, so the program was just right. The R&R Challenge helped me especially with the diet part... it’s always been my weakness and doing things in weeks helps so much then just going cold turkey. I really enjoyed the program, I had constant support throughout the program and didn’t feel alone. There were many times where I fell off the diet but with the support from Sari I was able to get back on track. It helps when you know that Sari is an email away and that you know that when you’re very stuck with something you can get that answer in a few days. I think Sari’s program has helped me so much and I believe this will help in my recovery. I look forward in continuing to work alongside Sari to get to my perfect health.
    Jessica Stefanile, 30 yo, Victoria
    enjoyed the Challenge
    I have very much enjoyed the Challenge. I just took it at my own pace, some weeks it took me two or three weeks to get through. I wanted to make sure I was doing things correctly and had read all the relevant articles before I moved onto the next thing. Some things I was aware of already and some was welcome guidance... I now see very clearly how my mental health is related to its dependence upon my body chemistry... The consequence of heavy metal toxicity is sobering and once again drives home the importance of adhering to a NBS program strictly... My attitude goals are learning to live simply with low stress, self love and letting go of the ego, openness to guidance, openness to compassion for oneself, and willingness to let go of all of one's past. I want to work on my own capacity of courage, fearlessness, relaxation and discipline :).
    J Hall, 31 yo, Melbourne