If you are experiencing a flare up of old symptoms, worsening of current symptoms, sudden increase or decrease in energy levels, or anything that you are concerned about, please complete the Question Inquiry form and submit it online.

The Question Inquiry form is designed to make reviewing your case convenient for both patients and Sari. Please fill out the Question Inquiry form COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY, and in the format shown on the sample below. Three review and updates of your NB program via Question Inquiry’s are offered within each Initial and Continuing NB Program Packages, or you can pay individually for them. There is a SAMPLE QUESTION INQUIRY form below. Please complete your Question Inquiry form in the format shown.

I am inundated with questions from patients, so this system aims to allow this review and update service to continue. Time does not allow for back and forth emails, so please be thorough when answering the questions, and please don’t take short cuts.

Of course, there are times when a simple form is not adequate to gain the required understanding of your symptoms and situation. A request that you book in for a consultation to discuss it in more depth may be necessary.

I will endeavor to answer Question Inquiry’s within 24 -48 hours, (more if it is a weekend, and less if it is urgent).

I hope you continue to enjoy the services offered at Sari’s Natural Medicine.

SAMPLE Question inquiry

  1. What is your NAME AND AGE and PHONE NO: __Jack Smith, 72 yo, 0444 555 888 __
  2. What town, state and country do you reside? __Darwin, NT, Australia__
  3. What date was your last retest sent? __6-10-16  __
  4. What supplements, and how many of each are you currently taking?

GB3     2-2-2

Paramin 2-2-2

Endopan 1- 1-1

Kelp ½-1/2-1/2

Garlic 1-1-1

Taurine 2-2-2

Vitamin D 3,000IU daily

(This means you are taking GB3 in the following way: 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch, and 2 for dinner. It is written as GB3 2-2-2)

5. What type AND amount of water are you drinking __ mineral water 3 L __

6. How well are you following the program: please number 0-5 (0=not doing at all 5=perfectly) Lifestyle_2_ Diet_4_ Supplements _3_  Saunas_5_  Coffee enemas_5_ Meditation_4_ Water_3_

7. Please type your question AND list your symptoms AND how long you have had them AND there severity:

I have had the following for the last 2 days:

mild stomach for pain

increased fatigued

very sore throat


Do I need to update my program? __________________________________________________________________________