Have a healthy holiday on NB

If now’s the time for you to rest and have some fun (when isn’t that the time?) then this blog may be for you! You have been doing Nutritional Balancing for a little while now and are feeling so much better that you decide to go away on a healthy holiday! Once you have got into your Nutritional Balancing (NB) ‘Spa Routine’ at home, the next challenge is to maintain this routine whilst you are away from home. Depending on how long you will be away, and where you are going, will dictate how appropriate each of the following NB Healthy Holiday tips are.

‘Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop’ -Ovid.

My family of 6 has successfully traveled whilst all maintaining our Nutritional Balancing schedules. It can be done! And we’ve had lovely relaxing, fun times away together whilst have a healthy holiday. I have used each of the following tips in different circumstances with good effect. You can do it too!

Healthy holiday NB tips

Here is a list of suggested Healthy Holiday tips to help you continue on Nutritional Balancing whilst you are away on holidays, or with work. I hope this helps minimise any overwhelming feelings regarding travelling on a NB program.


  • Take a bottle of each of your prescribed supplements with enough tablets inside to get you through. If your body chemistry has been changing a lot lately, then take a bottle of any others that you have recently been prescribed. In the event that your body chemistry does change whilst you are away, the last thing you want is to be without those supplements! You can take a big sigh of relief if I make a prescription change and you have the correct supplements with you.


  • Take your organic fresh vegetables, including juicing carrots with you. Or, work out where the closest Organic Green Grocers is to your accommodation, and the hours they open, and purchase once you arrive.
  • Take some blue corn chips for easy snacks or ‘NB nacho’ style meals. They are sold at Coles around Australia, but perhaps not in smaller areas. I always take lots with us (yes we do fit all of this food and 6 persons worth of stuff in our car!)
  • Chose accommodation that has the required space in the fridge and freezer.
  • Cook up anything that you can freeze and take with you. There is definitely room to compromise on NB when on holidays. One compromise we make is taking cooked frozen quiche for breakfasts, cooked frozen thick soups for lunches, and cooked frozen vegetable muffins for snacks. Cook up big batches of chicken/ lamb/ beef casseroles with loads of vegetables. Freeze and take with you.
  • If you have a large family and your accommodation only has small saucepans and steamers, then take your large one with you. It is very time consuming having to steam vegetables in batches. You can fit corn chips or other food/ items into your big saucepan when you pack it, to maximise space.
  • Take the required amount of frozen organic meat with you in an esky, or find out ahead of time if there is somewhere to purchase it near where you’ll be staying.
  • You can also choose to compromise and eat the best meat that local butches or supermarkets have to offer, instead of organic meat.
  • Purchase frozen peas or frozen vegetables from the supermarket. This makes a quick and easy steamed vegetable breakfast and helps get those 6-9cups of cooked vegetables in! Add butter, sea salt, herbs or spices to your liking.
  • When eating out, choose dishes that comply with food combining. Choose either protein and vegetables, or starch/carbohydrate and vegetables. Ask for double or triple serves of the cooked vegetables. For breakfasts, the egg options are usually best, or go for a carbohydrate. You’re unlikely to get many vegetables in though! Steaming frozen vegetables is your best option.
  • In small motel rooms, microwaves are usually available, or you can pack your electric steamer and use that to cook your vegetables.
  • You can also take a supplement called EndoVeggies to help mitigate your decrease in vegetable consumption. Please discuss this with me prior to your trip.
  • For your daily carrot juice you can take your juicer with you. Either purchase or pack your juicing carrots. You can buy organic bottled carrot juice in some areas.


  • You can choose to pack a carbon-filter jug with you and filter the tap water.
  • You can purchase bottled spring water throughout most of Australia.
  • If you are travelling in the outback, drinking any safe water is appropriate.


  • Try to maintain your gentle walking, stretching and the spinal twist. Perhaps some gentle walks and stretching at the beach would be pleasant!
  • Maintain your good sleep habits with perhaps a night off here and there to stay out late if you desire.
  • You can still maintain your meditation, deep breathing, relaxation and reflexology and your morning and evening Nutritional Balancing ‘Spa Routine’ with the odd night off.


  • This is the one thing we do not take with us! I do not even take a single red heat lamp, though others have with success. Before you leave, find out where a close sauna is, ideally a NIR, however gyms often have FIR ones that will do the trick whilst you are away. Many resorts also have saunas and some offices if you are on a working trip.
  • You can safely skip saunas whilst you are away. Upon resuming once you’re settled back home, just ease back into it, depending on how long you stopped for. Discuss this with me and I will advise accordingly.


  • Pack your enema kit and your ground coffee beans. It is much easier to not grind your beans while you are away! You can of course, purchase your ground coffee beans whilst away too.
  • Most bathrooms have somewhere to hang your bag. I haven’t enough room to take my yoga mat, so I just lie on towels on the bathroom floor. Once there was not enough room for that, so I used the hallway between the bathroom and the toilet! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
  • If you are unable to do your enemas and are worried about your bowels, discuss this with me and I can adjust your digestive enzyme and other supplement dosages.
  • GB3 and Betaine HCL and pepsin will kill most organisms that you may unknowingly ingest!

Lastly, please remember I am only an email away! If you become unwell or have a healing reaction whilst on holidays, please let me know! The only thing worse than suffering in silence, is suffering in silence whilst holidaying!

Please ask me if you have any questions regarding your next healthy holiday away and Nutritional Balancing. There are many options to assist you to keep up your good healthy habits, minimise any unwanted symptoms, and have a fantastic time away!

Happy Holiday Healing!


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  • Tom Hodson says:

    Hi can I ask a question regarding GB3?

    I was just wondering when is the best time to take GB3? I.e before, during or after a meal?

    I ask because I haven’t seen Dr Wilson mention it anyway but from a little thinking both Ox bile and Pancreatin are alkaline in nature and so I wondered if taking them during the meal would dilute the stomach acid too much thus interfering with digestion

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your question. It is best to take the GB-3 once some food is in your stomach, ie/ during or directly after your meal. It kills off unwanted bacteria and parasites and can cause irritating symptoms if taken on an empty stomach. It greatly improves the digestion if taken in the correct manner at the correct dose. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a happy day!

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