Why illness results

If you are like most people, and indeed like myself, you have spent your earlier years giving your health less thought than it deserved. You have probably eaten too much junk food, drank too much alcohol, not rested or slept enough and have generally mistreated your body. Whilst your body seemed to handle much of this abuse in the past, you may be finding that it cannot adapt to your misuse and abuse as it once did. Not only have you abused your body, but the changes in society and our environment around us greatly affect our health also. And these lifestyle choices, and environmental impacts are passed onto our children via our genes.

Illness can result from causes outside our control, such as air pollution and a decrease in nutrition in our food. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that in 2012 around 7 million deaths were a result of air pollution. That is one in eight of total global deaths (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2014/air-pollution/en/). The food we eat today has significantly less nutrition than it did half a century ago. A Kushi Instititue analysis from 1975 -1997 found that calcium levels dropped in 12 fresh vegetables by 27%; Vitamin A by 21%; and vitamin C by 30%. Other research studies have found that calcium, iron and potassium levels have also significantly declined. This is a result of soil depletion and the improvements in the vegetables appearance, sweetness and pest resistance, all at the expense of nutritional value  (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss). Another study found that we need to eat eight oranges today, to receive the equivalent Vitamin A that our grandparents would have received from just one! (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss).

Other facts influence our health and illness but only if we chose them, such as processed foods. Indeed processed foods have increasing amounts of synthetic additives added to them. For example, tartrazine erythrosine, benzene, sodium nitrates, butylated hydroxyanisole, saccharin, aspartame, cyclamate to name just a few. These have all been shown to cause cancer in animals and are probably human carcinogens as well. Cyclamate is banned in the USA, however is still permitted in Australia.

Most food is grown with an increasing amount of harmful chemicals including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and others.  This graph shows the estimated worldwide annual sales of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and others, in billions of dollars, from 1960-1999 (Agrios, Plant Pathology, Edition 5, 2005: https://ourworldindata.org/fertilizer-and-pesticides/). It is increasing substantially.

We ingest these chemicals as we eat the food.  These pesticides affect us in various horrific ways. Margarita Stoytcheva edited works entitled Pesticides in the Modern World – Effects of Pesticides Exposure (Margarita Stoytcheva 2011). This detailed document illustrates numerous research studies showing direct and indirect exposures of various common pesticides and their health effects, both in the short and longer term including physiological and DNA changes. Very sobering. We can choose to consume ‘certified organic or biodynamic’ produce, and avoid much of these harmful chemicals, if our finances allow.

Increasing usage of Genetically Modified (GM) crops are also shown to increase the need for more pesticides, especially evident in the USA. According to the Environmental Science Europe (Benbrook 2012), pesticide usage has increased by 7% in only 16 years, despite GM crops claim to reduce the need for pesticides (https://enveurope.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/2190-4715-24-24). We are just to know the full extent of detrimental consequences caused by genetically altering our foods. Choosing certified organic food is also choosing non Genetically Modified foods.

Even our town water contributes to health and illness.  The quality of our town drinking water has decreased, with chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia added to disinfect, aluminium sulphate to stick bacteria and particles together, coal filtration, fluoride added , and then lime, caustic soda or soda ash are also added to alkalise the water as the added fluoride and chlorine make the water acidic (http://www.melbournewater.com.au/whatwedo/supply-water/pages/water-treatment.aspx). So for ‘safety’ reasons, chemicals are added to our drinking water. We are much better off drinking natural mineral, spring or pure rain water. And again, if our situations allow, this is indeed the safest and most healthful options.

Another health or illness contributor is exercise.  We spend more time on computers and less time moving our bodies, and we breathe in copious amounts of toxins from both air pollution and cleaning chemicals that surround us. According to the Australian Government,  Australians are sedentary for 50-70% of their waking hours, or 8-12 hours per day which is significantly higher than adults a few decades ago (Obesity: sedentary behaviours and health 2014: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/research/units/boden/ANPHA%20Sedentary%20Behaviours%20and%20Health.pdf). This leads to an increase in many diseases including obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It is within our control to ensure we move our bodies adequately to prevent illness and promote health.

Our lifestyles are also typically more stressed than those of our ancestors. We have more modern commodities to make life easier. However this has only led to us simply fitting more into our days and becoming more stressed in the process. In 2015, Australians anxiety symptoms were the highest they have been in the previous 5 years (Australian Psychological Society 2015 Stress and Wellbeing in Australia https://www.psychology.org.au/Assets/Files/PW15-SR.pdf).  By rearranging our lifestyles, and incorporating more parasympathetic activities, such as relaxation, deep breathing, and enjoying time doing hobbies, we can reduce our stress. It is our choice.

 None of this is good for us. Pollution, less nutrients in our foods, food and water chemicals, less activity and increased stress, all lead to ill health if we do not combat it. So we find ourselves in a position where we need greater energy to get through our days, and yet have less energy and health resources to draw on. Illness’s that pop up at the most inconvenient time (when is it convenient to be sick?) really put us back a number of steps when we take more drug quick- fixes and do not rest to enable healing, causing more stress and more illness in turn.

Now that you have discovered you need to improve your health and indeed shed your illness and symptoms, you have a choice to make. I recommend choosing natural medicine and Nutritional Balancing to correct your body’s chemistry and regain your health. By choosing natural medicine, the following benefits are apparent:

  • The root cause of your symptoms are determined via diagnostic tests, comprehensive verbal history and health assessments. The whole body and the whole person are considered; not just the specific under-performing body part.
  • It is proactive. Chronic illness can be predicted and then be prevented, by us working together.
  • You have an active role to play in your health, and you are advised how to do this.
  • Natural supplements and herbal medicines are determined and made up based on your specific body chemistry needs; not a one-size fits all approach. Natural supplements and herbal remedies have low rates of side effects due to careful prescribing. The treatments do not push the illness deeper within the body. The treatments often do not need to be taken for long, as the illness is alleviated.
  • Acute illness can be treated successfully without side effects.  For example, upper respiratory tract infections and UTI’s etc. Chronic or deep seated illness can also be significantly alleviated, and reversed in some cases.
  • Deep healing takes time to occur. Depending on how long you have been sick for, this could take a significant amount of time, commitment and patience on your behalf.

The natural approach to healing is much kinder to the body and the mind. It supports the body to heal itself and does not cause further illness and damage to your body. Furthermore, it prevents more illness occurring and gives you considerably improved quality of life now and into the future. So help yourself, and your children and grandchildren live happier, healthier lives.

I would love to hear from you and help you gain better health and more energy. Please enable me to help you regain your zest for life again.

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