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This 12 week step-by step challenge is designed to provide you with the strategies and knowledge necessary to successfully transition your life onto a Nutritional Balancing program using a sustainable approach. This challenge will transform you in a dynamic manner. The R&R Challenge is included within your Initial NB Program (It is also available to buy without doing a NB Program). It takes just 30 days to form a habit, and I will help you form many new beneficial healthful habits!

It’s time to renew, refresh, and re-energise your body.

Please contact Naturopath Sari Young to get started on your R&R Challenge today! 


  • The R&R Challenge is for people who have just started on a New NB Program which is a practitioner led Nutritional Balancing Program with Naturopath Sari Young. This NB program includes HTMA tests where the NB program is tailor made for your body chemistry. The R&R Challenge facilitates the changes that are necessary for you to make for deep and lasting healing to occur. It provides the tools and knowledge necessary to make these healthy lifestyle changes stick.
  • The R&R Challenge is also for people who are NOT doing a practitioner led Nutritional Balancing Program due to financial constraints or perhaps want to test the waters. It does not include HTMA lab fees, practitioner consultations or supplements. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to support your transition towards healthier lifestyle habits in line with Nutritional Balancing. This will assist you SIGNIFICANTLY towards improved health outcomes, on a limited budget. The R&R Challange will see you get a great head start before embarking on a full practitioner led NB Program also.


  • This R&R 12 Step Challenge has been designed to turn lifestyle challenges into habits and a normal and easy part of your life. A strategy and plan for this is provided. This details where you are headed, and what your journey will look like for the next 12 weeks.
  • Each week (or fortnight if you choose) you are sent a PDF document which includes between two and four health objective challenges for you to work on for the week. Each week is presented thoughtfully and in a fun way. This breakdown on NB health objective challenges enables you to set realistic goals and achieve meaningful change.
  • You are provided with relevant articles so you can understand why these are necessary health objectives.
  • Worksheets are included for you to complete to help you really make these changes a part of your life.
  • Naturopath Sari Young is available for support via email questions related to the R&R Challenge material whilst you are participating in the Challenge.


The R&R Challange is designed to see you succeed on a Nutritional Balancing Program. The R&R Challenge provides the education regarding the importance of health changes, and the methods and tools to incorporate small changes at a time. By investing in this R&R Challenge your chances of success on a NB Program significantly increase. Changes can cause your mind to react with some discomfort and resistance. However, the R&R Challenge supports you to make small changes at a time, and therefore enables your mind to acclimatise to a change in routine slowly, minimising this resistance. Attempting to incorporate all of the parts to a Nutritional Balancing program can be very overwhelming and not recommended. Learning and incorporating NB into your life slowly and steadily with the R&R Challenge, will see you set and achieve your health goals, once you set your mind to it. And once you are incorporating a Nutritional Balancing Program into your life, you will see enormous benefits to your health, relationships and happiness.

For just $149 (less than $12.50 per week) you can increase your vitality, balance your body chemistry and change your life for the better. 

Yes! I would love to begin the FULL 12 week R&R Challenge TODAY!

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