Online consultations

Sari’s Natural Medicine offers online consultations and telephone consultations in addition to face-to-face.

The benefits of online consultations

There are numerous benefits to conducting telephone or online consultations including:

  • Staying in the comfort of your own home
  • Limiting travel when unwell
  • Not having to travel long distances
  • Limiting taking your little baby out
  • Fast and convenient.

Online consultations are superior to telephone consultations as visual body language is important. At times Video Skype (online consultations) can be somewhat disjointed, however this is rare and a small price to pay for the convenience. Nothing much is convenient when you are sick, have a small children or have to travel long distances, so online consultations can help you achieve your health goals more easily.

What about running tests?

Bio-physiological data can be gathered locally if required, and the results sent through to Sari. There are testing facilities for blood, saliva etc near most everyone these days. Please rest assure that operating from a distance works extremely well. You will be treated just as carefully and empathetically as you would be if you were physically present at Sari’s Natural Medicine clinic.

How do I get my supplements?

After your online consultations, a treatment plan including Lifestyle Recommendations, Dietary Guidelines, and Prescription is sent to you via email. Supplements can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door. If you are not comfortable buying supplements online from reputable companies, the supplements will be mailed to you from Sari’s Natural Medicine Clinic. Please buy the supplements prescribed through me, as this forms part of my income. If you can find cheaper products elsewhere, talk to me about it first!

How do I pay?

Payment can be made via Direct Deposit either through Internet Banking or at your local Bank branch.

Book your online consultations, telephone consultations or face-to-face consultations:

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Nutritional Balancing
My results from being Sari’s patient with Nutritional Balancing are: weight loss, better skin condition, initially extremely tired initially but upon about 6 months into the program I noticed improvements in mood, energy and overall well-being. Sari’s manner and communication style is excellent, professional and she explains all aspects clearly. She is very professional but also friendly and easy to work with. I like that Nutritional Balancing is scientific, logical and with a small amount of art. Sari gives a lot of extra assistance, such as setting up of sauna, diet and other tips, lifestyle suggestions etc. I would and have recommended Sari to my family and friends. I rate the service received from Sari’s Natural Medicine as 10/10.
Adrian, 60's, Yarra Ranges