Nutritional Balancing

Have you been feeling less than alive in your life? Do you want more energy? Better health? Greater clarity of thought? Do you want to gain more meaning and enjoyment from your life including more fulfilling relationships? Do you want to be free from those big or small health symptoms that bother you and make life less than desirable?  Are you really receiving the help, support and healing your body deserves?

Sari Young is a fully qualified naturopath and registered nurse. Sari practices naturopathy and specialises in Nutritional Balancing (NB) Science. Nutritional Balancing is orthomolecular medicine- the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with the optimal amounts of natural substances it requires. A personalised treatment and lifestyle plan are designed to help you gain greater health and wellbeing. NB is unique as it is one of the only healing modality’s that actually fixes the cause or absolute root of your symptoms.  It aims to restore your body’s optimal environment by correcting your molecular imbalances, which are identified from your unique biochemistry via Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). This is no bandaid fix. It is deep and lasting healing. The body’s biochemical levels are measured using the HTMA, and a unique program, including diet, supplements, detoxification procedures and mind/body exercises, is tailored made to bring your biochemistry back into balance, and thus restoring your health. However, as this is deep and lasting healing, it involves real commitment on your behalf.

The NB program involves learning about each person’s oxidation rate, stage of stress, trace element levels, toxic metal levels, carbohydrate tolerance, digestive adequacy, state of the immune system and other factors that can be identified on a HTMA test.

The HTMA is conducted (a simple hair sample taken) and tested at ARL laboratory which does not wash the hair. This is important for obtaining accurate measurements of minerals and toxins to enable exact prescribing. Then your NB program is tailored made for you.

This is a sample of an initial HTMA:


Please peruse the plethora of information on Dr. Wilson’s website for an in-depth look at the Nutritional Balancing Science invented by Dr. Eck and further refined by Dr. Wilson.

Nutritional Balancing Science is a lifestyle and treatment plan that is holistic- it incorporates all aspects of your life to make your health aspirations come into fruition. By following a Nutritional Balancing Program you will indeed feel more alive in your life. As deep healing occurs you will slowly shed any unwanted symptoms and excess weight, and start to enjoy more energy, better health and greater clarity of thought.

Sari would love to hear from you and help you gain better health and more energy. She does this through the practice of Nutritional Balancing Science. People claim they have more energy than they have had since childhood after embarking on their NB program. Read many Nutritional Balancing testimonials.  Sari’s own energy, health and well being have most definitely increased. Please enable Sari to help you regain your zest for life again.

Please email or telephone Sari to discuss your desire to embark on your new health journey. Your questions will be happily answered.  See Nutritional Balancing Program Packages to understand what is involved for you to experience deep healing through the journey of Nutritional Balancing. Take the first step to begin feeling greater energy, clarity of thought, health and happiness.

Telephone 0403 320 845 OR:

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Phone consultations are a great way…
The phone consultations are a great way of understanding your hair mineral analysis results and having any questions answered that are related to the program. It has been a joy to have Sari walk me through Nutritional Balancing.
Bonnie C, 33 yo, Melbourne
health and development are improving continuously
I just want to say I am so very grateful for Nutritional Balancing Science and having Sari Young as a practitioner. As always I have had wonderful support and encouragement from Sari to keep going with my program. My health and development are improving continuously and in ways I never knew possible. I highly recommend Sari as a practitioner.
Bonnie C, 33 yo, Melbourne
Constipation, acne and anxiety
My daughter originally had constipation, acne and anxiety. Since becoming Sari’s patient the acne has cleared up, constipation is improving, and she is feeling less anxious and able to cope better. Sari is very personable, easy to talk to, understanding and empathetic. We like feeling listened too. We would definitely recommend Sari to family and friends as she explains the reasons behind what her recommendations are and she understands that everyone’s healing journey is personal to them and works with the patient’s circumstances. I rate the service received at Sari’s Natural Medicine as 10/10.
Caitlin, 11 yo, NSW
very knowledgable
She has a wonderful, gentle manner which keeps you on track without her being pushy. We are so grateful to Sari for everything she has done... I would definitely recommend Sari to friends and family as she is very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind her recommendations.
Alison, 44 yo, NSW
Type 1 Diabetes
My son’s original diagnosis is Type 1 Diabetes. Since becoming Sari’s patient, over the last 6 months, he has put on weight and his insulin dose has reduced. Sari is very easy to talk to, has a great personal manner and is understanding. We really feel listened too. Sari ensures she is available to contact when needed; she is very thorough when discussing symptoms and remedies. She really believes in NB and the health benefits it provides which is motivational and inspiring. I would definitely recommend Sari to friends and family as she is very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind her recommendations and wants to know when changes in symptoms occur so the program can be updated. She has a wonderful, gentle manner which keeps you on track without her being pushy. We are so grateful to Sari for everything she has done. Her guidance and support in getting us started on the NB program has been invaluable and being able to see positive results so soon has made us want to persevere. We rate the service received at Sari’s Natural Medicine 10/10.
Hayden, 9 yo, NSW
Knowledge and confidence… massive 10/10 from me!
Sari’s manner is extremely easy and comforting. I like her knowledge and confidence in being able to help me. Sari has helped my 2 kids and husband also. We have all benefited from working with Sari. One of my friends that I recommended see you a few months ago, thanked me yesterday for putting him in touch with you because he said this program really works. I have already recommended Sari to a number of my friends and family members because Sari is actually addressing the underlying issues and I am really healing.  Huge thank you to Sari; we are so lucky there are people like you in the world! I rate the service from Sari’s Natural Medicine a massive 10/10 from me!
Angela, 43 years old, Brisbane
Nothing else worked
I initially doubted that it would work because nothing else had worked. For 12 years I had struggled with a variety of unpleasant symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, fatigue, sleeplessness and stomach issues. As soon as I started the program I felt a calmness I had not experienced for a long time. My sleep has improved out of sight and I have so much more energy now.
Angela, 43 years old, Brisbane
Sari’s manner and communication style is excellent, professional and she explains all aspects clearly. She is very professional but also friendly and easy to work with.
Adrian, 60's, Yarra Ranges
Nutritional Balancing
My results from being Sari’s patient with Nutritional Balancing are: weight loss, better skin condition, initially extremely tired initially but upon about 6 months into the program I noticed improvements in mood, energy and overall well-being. Sari’s manner and communication style is excellent, professional and she explains all aspects clearly. She is very professional but also friendly and easy to work with. I like that Nutritional Balancing is scientific, logical and with a small amount of art. Sari gives a lot of extra assistance, such as setting up of sauna, diet and other tips, lifestyle suggestions etc. I would and have recommended Sari to my family and friends. I rate the service received from Sari’s Natural Medicine as 10/10.
Adrian, 60's, Yarra Ranges