Nutritional Balancing Program Packages

After treating and supporting many people on Nutritional Balancing Programs, Sari has found that the following regime is the best method to deliver the program to you, to enable you the greatest success. Every person is unique in their body chemistry. Therefore every person’s NBS program recommendations, (including diet, lifestyle, supplements, detoxification methods etc) are specific to them. Every person is also unique in how they approach learning and implementing their NBS program. The following system enables recommendations be made at a rate that allows you to absorb the plethora of information, and implement it in a sustainable manner. There are four packages available, described below. As you progress with your healing, you can move onto the next package if desired.

You are welcome to pay for the first consultation separately, before you commit to the package, to ensure you want to go ahead.

Initial NB Program 

The following is included in the Initial NB Program, in chronological order:

  • Initial Consultation 1-1.5 hour
    • Specific program recommendations to get you started
    • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Laboratory fees
    • Short email responses for the first two weeks following the initial consultation.
  • Results and Interpretation Consultation 1 hour
    • Specialised complete NB program
    • HTMA Results and Interpretation booklet to keep and read as many times as you like!
  • Short Follow-Up Consultation 15 minutes: conducted a fortnight after the second consultation.
    • Short email responses for the following two weeks after the Short Consultation.
  • 3 Question Inquiry’s
  • BONUS:  Rebuilding & Re-energising Challenge (The R&R Challenge). This 12 week step by step challenge was designed to support you to transition your life onto a Nutritional Balancing program. This is less than half price within the Initial NB Program. Each week (or fortnight if you choose) a Challenge Pack is emailed to you. Each weekly R&R Challenge Pack contains Challenges for you to work on, articles to read, and workbook space for you to plan and reflect upon, all presented thoughtfully and in a fun way.

Details of the Initial NB Program:

The Initial comprehensive Consultation will be conducted. Time is taken to gather a detailed medical and life history.  Your bio-physiological data will also be taken, including your blood pressures, pulse, oxygenation blood levels, iridology, respiration rate, lung auscultation, blood glucose levels, and body signs (tongue, nail and hair) as required.

All of your details will then be reviewed, and personal recommendations will be made including diet, lifestyle and supplements to get you started whilst you are waiting for your HTMA results. This means you can get started on your NB program IMMEDIATELY! Often people find they have some improvements with these initial changes, even before they receive their specific NB program based on their HTMA results.

Your second comprehensive Results and Interpretation Consultation is conducted once your HTMA results have been received. It includes an interpretation and explanation of your results. Your new specialised NB program will then be explained, including diet, detoxification methods, mind/body information, and your mineral supplement program.

Your third Short Check-Up Consultation is 15 minutes long and will be conducted a fortnight following your second consultation. This consultation ensures you understand your NB program. It is an opportunity for any follow up questions and program fine tuning.

After completing this first cycle, you will be invited to continue your healing via the ‘Continuing NB Program’. It is important to have follow-up HTMA’s conducted. As you practice your NB program, your body chemistry shifts as healing occurs. This altered body chemistry then needs to be treated with different minerals and/or doses, diet, and detoxification methods. If your body chemistry changes but your treatment does not, this can halt healing, and even be detrimental to your health.


Continuing NB Program (approximately 3-4 monthly)

  • Repeat HTMA laboratory fees
  • One hour comprehensive Results and Interpretation Consultation: explanation of your results.
  • Specialised NB program
  • HTMA Results and Interpretation booklet
  • Short email responses for the first two weeks
  • One 15 minute Check-Up Consultation mid way through your revised NB program.
  • 3 Question Inquiry’s

After completing the Continuing NB Program four times, you will be invited to continue your healing via the ‘Seasoned NB Program’. As you continue to practice your NB program, your body chemistry continues to change as healing occurs. However, you may no longer feel that you require the full Interpretation booklet which explains all your results as in the previous NB Programs. If you feel you would just like the HTMA results, without the Interpretation booklet, then the Seasoned NB Program is for you. You can choose to keep doing the Continuing NB Program if you wish.

Seasoned NB Program (approximately 3-4 monthly)

  • Repeat HTMA laboratory fees
  • 45 minute comprehensive Results and Interpretation Consultation: explanation of your results.
  • Specialised NB program
  • HTMA Results
  • One 15 minute Check-Up Consultation mid way through your revised NB program.

 After being on NB regularly for 8 cycles, you will be invited to continue your healing via the ‘Maintenance NB Program’. As you continue to practice your NB program, your body chemistry continues to balance. Once you are fairly balanced, you will only require HTMA’s every 4-6 months. This is a package for people who have NB down pat and only require the HTMA and one consultation each cycle. You can continue to pay for individual services as the need arises also.

Maintenance NB Program (approximately 4-6 monthly)

  • Repeat HTMA laboratory fees
  • 45 minute comprehensive Results and Interpretation Consultation: explanation of your results.
  • Specialised NB program
  • HTMA Results


Please note: The cost of supplements is not included in the Package price. You can continue to have any additional services required through your NB cycle as the need arises. Please ask if you have any questions!


Discounts are available for the third and subsequent family members on the Initial and Continuing Nutritional Balancing Program Packages. There is no family discount for Seasoned and Maintenance NB Programs. Please contact Sari for details.

Every NB program receives 10% discount off the Endomet supplements from USA.

Please note that if consultations run over time, additional charges will apply. Every effort is made to stay within the estimated time frames, however some people require more time.


wealth of knowledge…
Sari has been my nutritional balancing practitioner for nearly two years now. She has been a great help in interpreting my hair tests, and clearly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutritional balancing and healing in general. Sari has a very kind and nurturing nature and this really shines through when dealing with her patients. It's obvious that Sari has benefited from the nutritional balancing program in her own life, and this experiential knowledge coupled with years of being a practitioner make her the perfect guide to walk others through the process. I look forward to continuing to work with Sari on my own health journey, and know that I am in good hands.
Dylan, 28yo, Adelaide
R&R Challenge enabled me to introduce the concepts of NB at a steady pace
I very much enjoyed the R&R challenge. It enabled me to introduce the concepts of nutritional balancing at a steady pace, which helped me a great deal as I was very busy at the time when I began it. Made everything far less overwhelming. I would recommend the R&R Challenge to family and friends, but would especially recommend the R&R Challenge to those who are very busy or easily overwhelmed. I rate the R&R Challenge 5 out of 5!
Energy increased dramatically, as well as my overall well-being.
I have to admit that this is one of the hardest programs I have ever tried, BUT THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN SO WORTH IT. My mineral readings just keep getting better and my heavy metals load have gone down dramatically. My energy has increased dramatically, as well as my overall well-being. A few times I have felt that I was going to be ill,  the knowledge I have acquired through following this program have made me recover very quickly or was able to stop the illness dead in its tracks. And it is getting easier to follow with time, as the protocols become more and more a part of my lifestyle. Sari is an incredibly knowledgeable holistic practitioner, a wonderful communicator who walks her talk. I highly recommend her to everyone.
Lena, 49yo Coogee NSW
wonderful resource and motivational tool
Sari is very knowledgeable, supportive, non-judgemental and genuinely caring. The 12 week Challenge is a wonderful resource and motivational tool to have for this healing journey. It not only gives you the information of what to do, but also it helps explain why you are doing it and how to implement the changes. The weekly email was well timed, giving you enough time to read through the information, incorporate the changes and establish a routine before the next email arrived. The gradual implementation of some of the lifestyle or food changes each week made it manageable and not to daunting and the chart a great tool and reminder of your weekly goals. I highly recommend the R&R Challenge for anyone genuinely wanting to undertake and incorporate the NB Program into your life, it's a fantastic tool.
Audrey, 53 years old
consultations.. by phone… worked well
All of my consultations with Sari have been by phone as we live in different States. This has worked well for me as I travel a fair bit and it is very convenient being able to schedule a consultation wherever I am... the results have been excellent.
Albion Park Rail, NSW
the results have been excellent
I was reassured by Sari's confidence and faith in the Nutritional Balancing program and was very happy to find a practitioner who had specific and expert knowledge in treating adrenal fatigue. As she had tried many different methods for treating adrenal fatigue and had great confidence in this program, I was happy to follow it, and the results have been excellent. At each consultation, Sari gives me feedback on my progress, based on the mineral analysis of my hair tests and is able to give her expert interpretation of how my recovery is progressing. Detoxing is a complex, long term process and I am grateful to have the supervision and reassurance of such an experienced practitioner to guide me and keep me committed to my recovery. The diet recommended by Dr Wilson is easy to follow, and the added benefits are that it helps with weight management, digestion and keeping things moving. I feel much much better since being on the program and no longer have the symptoms that first brought me to this treatment.
Albion Park Rail, NSW
Anxiety, stress and insomnia….No longer have the symptoms
I have been in treatment with Sari Young for the past three years for Adrenal Fatigue. When I first found Sari I was suffering from anxiety, stress and insomnia as a result of my adrenal fatigue. I used to wake up most morning with a racing heartbeat, and found myself feeling stressed by even the smallest time pressure, such as when cooking eggs. I no longer have the symptoms that first brought me to this treatment. However I am happy to continue with the program as Sari can see in the results that my health is still improving and I am keen to raise my health to an even better level. I have no hesitation in recommending Sari as a practitioner, particularly for someone dealing with adrenal fatigue. I have found Sari to be always professional, supportive and knowledgeable, and under her guidance I have followed the program for many months, feeling progressively better over the period.
Albion Park Rail, NSW
the results are brilliant.
Thanks for all your help and the wonderful program. I’ve got to say it’s very difficult to do it 100%, but even at the level I/we have been doing it at, the results are brilliant. In every way, I/we are so much better physically, but also mentally. Once again, thank you for all your help.
AC, Victoria.
Instrumental in my successful implementation…
For me, the R&R Challenge was instrumental in my successful implementation of the lifestyle overhaul that is Nutritional balancing!  I like to jump into things straight away, and I can see now that it would have been too overwhelming to make all the changes at once. R&R helped me to slow down (a recurring theme these days) and take one step at a time. This package is all the things I like. It's methodical, practical, and means you don't have to think too much - just read the new email each week. A really helpful aspect for me, was having the daily 'to do' list, to print out. The best part by far, however, was having the support of Sari. It can be a daunting time in the beginning, with so many questions and symptoms. She truly has your back, and it was such a comfort to know that help and advice is only an email away. I would definitely recommend the R&R for other new to the NB program. It not only makes the journey feel stable and systematic, but it's all the info you need in one spot.
Fleur, 31, NSW
learned lots…
I liked the distribution of the challenges across the weeks very very well. At the beginning people have more drive and there was more to do and less when I became a little less motivated. The order of the challenges was great. I have learned lots and have incorporated lots- even having carrots daily.
Lydia, 38, NSW
constant support
The breakdown of challenges across all the weeks was very manageable, and as it’s broken down into weeks it helps so much. It was in perfect order. If there was any more information included, it would be very overwhelming, so the program was just right. The R&R Challenge helped me especially with the diet part... it’s always been my weakness and doing things in weeks helps so much then just going cold turkey. I really enjoyed the program, I had constant support throughout the program and didn’t feel alone. There were many times where I fell off the diet but with the support from Sari I was able to get back on track. It helps when you know that Sari is an email away and that you know that when you’re very stuck with something you can get that answer in a few days. I think Sari’s program has helped me so much and I believe this will help in my recovery. I look forward in continuing to work alongside Sari to get to my perfect health.
Jessica Stefanile, 30 yo, Victoria
enjoyed the Challenge
I have very much enjoyed the Challenge. I just took it at my own pace, some weeks it took me two or three weeks to get through. I wanted to make sure I was doing things correctly and had read all the relevant articles before I moved onto the next thing. Some things I was aware of already and some was welcome guidance... I now see very clearly how my mental health is related to its dependence upon my body chemistry... The consequence of heavy metal toxicity is sobering and once again drives home the importance of adhering to a NBS program strictly... My attitude goals are learning to live simply with low stress, self love and letting go of the ego, openness to guidance, openness to compassion for oneself, and willingness to let go of all of one's past. I want to work on my own capacity of courage, fearlessness, relaxation and discipline :).
J Hall, 31 yo, Melbourne
resourceful, kind, gentle, understanding
It’s nice to talk to someone who does NBS also who has kids and a husband and shares obstacles to the lifestyle and program. She is non-judgemental, listens closely and is lovely to my son too, providing him play things. Yes I would recommend Sari’s Natural Medicine to any of my friends who want to start a NBS program. Sari is resourceful, kind, gentle, understanding and easy to work with. I rate Sari’s Natural Medicine 10 out of 10.
J Hall, 31 yo, Melbourne
Bipolar, arthritis, binge eating
My original diagnosis was bipolar, arthritis, binge eating, fatigue. I wanted to feel well. I was tired of experimenting with different modalities, over exercising, beating myself up and feeling drained, unhappy and burnt-out. Since being Sari’s patient I have much better sleep, peace, better digestion, better insight, better skin, weight loss, better relationships, better lifestyle, better attitude, better emotional regulation. Sari is lovely and concerned for my wellbeing. She is patient and understanding and easy going. The clinic is in the lovely countryside to visit. Sari is always happy to see us and greets us warmly and offers lovely organic tea to drink!
J Hall, 31 yo, Melbourne
Phone consultations are a great way…
The phone consultations are a great way of understanding your hair mineral analysis results and having any questions answered that are related to the program. It has been a joy to have Sari walk me through Nutritional Balancing.
Bonnie C, 33 yo, Melbourne
health and development are improving continuously
I just want to say I am so very grateful for Nutritional Balancing Science and having Sari Young as a practitioner. As always I have had wonderful support and encouragement from Sari to keep going with my program. My health and development are improving continuously and in ways I never knew possible. I highly recommend Sari as a practitioner.
Bonnie C, 33 yo, Melbourne
Constipation, acne and anxiety
My daughter originally had constipation, acne and anxiety. Since becoming Sari’s patient the acne has cleared up, constipation is improving, and she is feeling less anxious and able to cope better. Sari is very personable, easy to talk to, understanding and empathetic. We like feeling listened too. We would definitely recommend Sari to family and friends as she explains the reasons behind what her recommendations are and she understands that everyone’s healing journey is personal to them and works with the patient’s circumstances. I rate the service received at Sari’s Natural Medicine as 10/10.
Caitlin, 11 yo, NSW
very knowledgable
She has a wonderful, gentle manner which keeps you on track without her being pushy. We are so grateful to Sari for everything she has done... I would definitely recommend Sari to friends and family as she is very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind her recommendations.
Alison, 44 yo, NSW
Type 1 Diabetes
My son’s original diagnosis is Type 1 Diabetes. Since becoming Sari’s patient, over the last 6 months, he has put on weight and his insulin dose has reduced. Sari is very easy to talk to, has a great personal manner and is understanding. We really feel listened too. Sari ensures she is available to contact when needed; she is very thorough when discussing symptoms and remedies. She really believes in NB and the health benefits it provides which is motivational and inspiring. I would definitely recommend Sari to friends and family as she is very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind her recommendations and wants to know when changes in symptoms occur so the program can be updated. She has a wonderful, gentle manner which keeps you on track without her being pushy. We are so grateful to Sari for everything she has done. Her guidance and support in getting us started on the NB program has been invaluable and being able to see positive results so soon has made us want to persevere. We rate the service received at Sari’s Natural Medicine 10/10.
Hayden, 9 yo, NSW
Knowledge and confidence… massive 10/10 from me!
Sari’s manner is extremely easy and comforting. I like her knowledge and confidence in being able to help me. Sari has helped my 2 kids and husband also. We have all benefited from working with Sari. One of my friends that I recommended see you a few months ago, thanked me yesterday for putting him in touch with you because he said this program really works. I have already recommended Sari to a number of my friends and family members because Sari is actually addressing the underlying issues and I am really healing.  Huge thank you to Sari; we are so lucky there are people like you in the world! I rate the service from Sari’s Natural Medicine a massive 10/10 from me!
Angela, 43 years old, Brisbane